Friday, June 7, 2013

Shep's Special Prayer

On the way to swim lessons recently this conversation started out of the blue (S for Shep, B for Billy, M for Megan):

S:  Jesus is alive
B: that's right, where'd you hear that?
S: I don't know
B: was it at preschool?
S: I don't know
B: Jesus died and then came back to life
M: do you know where He is (to Shep)?
S: He's up there in heaven
M: yeah, He's really everywhere.  He can live in your heart if you want Him to.  He lives in mommy's and daddy's heart.
S: I don't want Him to live in my heart.
M&B: ok.
S: but God's already protecting everybody's heart.
B:  Well, He won't live in your heart unless you ask Him to.
S:  I want Him to live in my heart.
M: you just have to pray and ask Him to live in your heart.
S: dear Lord, I want you to live in my heart.  I don't know what to say.
M: all you have to say is amen.
S: amen

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